Oral Cancer Screening

It's an unfortunate fact that oral cancer prevalence is on the rise, and this cancer is no longer primarily just a smoker's problem.

Lately, oral cancer is being more and more attributed to the HPV virus – a virus that most sexually active adults will contract at least once in their lifetime. But don't worry… regular check-ups with the dentist will play a role in helping to protect your health and your smile.

A Quick and Painless Visit

The prognosis for oral cancer treatment and survival is much greater when a problem is detected early. An oral cancer screening involves a brief examination of the soft tissues in a patient's mouth. If any suspicious lesions or lumps are found anywhere in the patient's mouth or throat, further testing will be done. It's so important for the modern patient to have routine oral cancer screenings (or, in other words, a typical check-up with the dentist) in order to catch any potential signs of oral cancer early on.

Are you due for a check-up or oral cancer screening with the dentist? Call our Bowmanville dental clinic today to book an appointment! It's always smart to be proactive.