Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are used to protect the teeth from either a nighttime teeth grinding habit, or from sports injury. Both night guards and sport guards can be made to custom-fit a patient's unique bite.

Why wear a mouth guard?

When it comes to bruxism (teeth grinding), the teeth are at risk for significant damage. A grinding habit, especially during sleep when the patient is unaware he or she is doing it, can wear away at the enamel and can even cause tooth fracture or chipping. This is why it's so important to seek treatment if you happen to wake up often with a sore jaw or headache, or if you notice any difference to the appearance of your teeth. Prevention is key when it comes to managing a bruxism problem.

On the other hand, patients should always be wearing a sport guard every time they engage in competitive sport or physical activity. Athletes who refuse to wear protection while they play often experience significant damage to their teeth or jaw.

The best protection against bruxism and sports injury...

With that said, if you think you're in need of a mouth guard to protect your teeth, let our friendly Bowmanville dentist know! We'll be able to provide you with a custom-fitted mouth guard that will not only be comfortable to wear, but will do a great job in protecting your smile.