Dental Hygiene

Excellent oral health depends on diligent daily oral hygiene care, as well as routine visits to the dental clinic for professional cleanings.

Oral health at home

An at-home oral care routine should consist of brushing two times every day for at least 120 seconds (two minutes) each time. You should also be flossing at least once every day to ensure the health of your gums. Brushing alone does not clean or reach in between the teeth, so if you aren't flossing as well, you're really only cleaning a portion of your teeth!

Be sure to attend every interval check-up and cleaning appointment with your dentist and hygienist (recommended every 6 months or as necessary).

Oral health at the dentist's office

When a person comes in for a dental cleaning, the hygienist will use special tools designed to scrape away bacteria buildup referred to as plaque and/or tartar, and to polish the teeth and leave them smooth. This type of cleaning cannot be achieved at home with brushing and flossing alone, and requires a professional using the right tools. Without routine cleanings, a patient becomes more susceptible for gum disease and tooth decay the longer they stay away from the dentist's office. All the better reason to never skip an appointment!

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